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Elan International Security

Global, Corporate, Domestic, and Private Security Consultants

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Welcome to Elan International Security!
Our Mission:
Safety Preparedness and Intrusion Prevention Training
Transportation, Travel, and Location Logistics
Telecommunications, Network/Computer, Data, and Archival Security

Personnel Access ID's, Digital and Biometric Access Panels

Business/Office Equipment, Fleet, and Storage Facilities Controls

Workplace, Plant, and Domicile Surveillance/Monitoring/Emergency Systems




Safety and Security concerns are absolute essentials for any corporate entity, small business, marketplace, private residence, or individual.



The interconnectivity due to advances in global internet and telecommunications technology exsposes every workplace, home, and individual to new income and economic profitablity, unlimitled possibilities of worldwide contact, and greater public product and services recognition.



These same benefits also increase the exposure of our business world and private lives to numerous security risks and criminally invasive techniques. Such elements are utilized by groups and individuals dedicated to the exploitation and theft of your professional accomplishments, trade secrets, future income, and safety.

Elan International Security

will work with you in securing your interests by eliminating your risks!




This EIS(Elan International Security) site can be the gateway to essential security tools and protection services which are specifically developed for merging the operational freedoms of your corporate, small business, or residential locations and ventures with the individually designed broadbased security and privacy controls needed for operational safety, protection, and privacy.
Elan International Security is an company composed of experienced professionals exercising effective modern day strategies, technologies, and preventative methods of defense and protection for any size corporation, small business, and private entity or individual.